What is the difference between Data Science and AI? Join me tomorrow April 14th at 9am pt/18 cet/1pm Brazil with your answer at the free No-Code AI…

March 2021

Inclusive Mobility
Transportation: Ethics and Opportunities shifting to Trucks or Connected Vehicles Apps

February 2021

tl:dr There is no ethics in AI without you
Is No-Code AI an evolving business model for AI?

January 2021

I got energized by today’s #WeeklyWed discussion about your role as a business user in bringing AI to your company, not only as business owners but in…
I spotted the the Apple self-driving car in Cupertino, California brightening up a masked-up driver in the middle of a pandemic. It was raining and it…
Innovate to drive change for the better

December 2020

Welcome to Curious Futurist by me, CuriousFuturist Sudha Jamthe. I am a Technology Futurist. My students inspire me. They innovate and build tech…