Issue 2: Apple self-driving car spotted in Jan 2021

I spotted the the Apple self-driving car in Cupertino, California brightening up a masked-up driver in the middle of a pandemic. It was raining and it brightened up my day.

Autonomous Vehicles missed us, their favorite training data on the road. They are back now! But the silly year 2020 grounded the cars along with our mobility, leading to some shifts in the AV ecosystem, with trucking and logistics getting to center stage. Would you like to hear about the ecosystem shift and opportunities in the AV space in the next few issues? Tell me if you want me to write more often.

Covid vaccine distribution brings unique opportunities in 2021.

Can you heal with innovation? I think so. Here is how.

Are Cameras watching more than the the road now? Here is my IoTSlam talk about top Computer Vision technologies and their place in Industry 4.0

Are Car OEM’s still focusing on data in the car? You bet. Ford will tell you why.

Do you remember when we discussed this EU led multi-car brand co-operation to improve road safety data and make it available to other cars using GPS companies? Would you like to see an analysis of why this move by Ford matters and how it ties to learning about Business of AV data?

I look forward to our continued conversation about the shifts and opportunities in AV space and the role of data and AI bringing us new opportunities.

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What do product and business managers do during a datascience AI sprint in a company brining AI into its business? For marketing or an operational growth.

Clue: You are the champion of the customer and bring business acumen of your business. How does that translate to your role in the AI building world?

Come find out.