#Issue 7 SAM Semi-autonomous Mobility

Inclusive Mobility

Inclusive Mobility is the number one business model calling out for Internet of Things and Autonomous Vehicles. A good cause is also good business!

A self-driving wheelchair, a digital twin is a powerful show of engineering genius and as Guru IoT’s President Song Su-han from South Korea puts it “a prime example of showing that robots and humans can work together".” (read here).

The Autonomous Vehicle space is heating up again in 2021. It is calling You to define the business model and value creation from connected data.

Is the No.2 b-model about connectivity or bringing tech stack to the vehicle?

We are seeing EVs from OEMs and Volkswagen AG promises #OTA aka over-the-air updates the new ID. series.

Why this matters: tl:dr:
1. #connectedvehicles with #mobility is an unspoken requirement as vehicles are made with connectivity.
2. The entire #technology stack is moving to the vehicle
3. Its a huge #digitaltransformation challenge for an #OEM Automakers with their quality control levels and 5-7 yr product cycles. Software is built in a test and learn iterative model and OTA's allow for pushing new releases and security patches to customers.

All of these bring focus on data, connectivity, moving tech stack to the vehicle just as we have been speaking in out AV Masterclass, Business of AV data class and our Stanford AV Business Classes.

All calling you to build customer centric applications and business models with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles!

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SAM - Semi-Autonomous Mobility at our WeeklyWed shows another innovative approach

Arrow Electronics has built the SAM Semi-Autonomous Mobility car that quadriplegic IndyCar racer Sam Schmidt can drive just using the motion of his head.

Join us for #WeeklyWed for a live Q&A with SAM Car Engineer Grace Doepker tomorrow.

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