Issue 6: AI in Autonomous Vehicles

Transportation: Ethics and Opportunities shifting to Trucks or Connected Vehicles Apps

Autonomous Vehicles are on the move with Delivery bots, Trucks, and Robots. This begs the question about what is the future of AV space and raises questions about ethics and regulation in mobility. We plan to cover these topics in March sessions on WeeklyWed and Expert lounge on DriverlessWorldSchool (which is now expanded as BusinessSchoolofAI with AI and AV learning communities). You can also check previous week’s expert recording on WeeklyWed here (free).

I am working on a paper on Future Trends in Autonomous Vehicles for the Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation and these are my initial thoughts and resources.

Tell me if you work in AV or mobility space or have an opinion about what works or any interesting observations or experiences. I am happy to write more on this topic broadly or on any specific areas below based on your feedback.

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Tl:dr: To understand Autonomous Vehicle’s Future we should focus on 5 market drivers: Technology, Consumer Adoption, Shared Mobility Business Model shifts, Connectivity and Data Platforms in vehicles, Adoption of Electric vehicles and ADAS features in OEM vehicles.

  1. Technology: We are not talking about Level 5 now. What are we doing with Level 3 or Level 4 instead? What is happening with Data platforms in the vehicle? Apple’s new engagement with Kia is interesting to watch.

  2. Consumer Adoption: This is still a key driver. There is more acceptance of privacy invading data sharing by consumers because of the covid pandemic situation which can spill into the car and data platforms in the vehicle. What are the Ethics implications and who is governing them for in-car and intra-car data and user identity?

  3. Shared Mobility and Business Model: This is the billion dollars unanswered question. Ride-sharing was seen as the future business model for AVs earlier and now that model is being challenged because people are going to be reluctant to share the in-car space with strangers right after a pandemic. Waymo has launched Robo-taxis live in Phoenix. Ride-share companies are partnering with public transit options to offer an integrated transportation option for consumers. Trucking is picking up with AVs and data platforms. What do these mean for what is the winning b-model for AVs?

  4. Data Platforms in the Car: Data platforms are becoming a norm in vehicles. Blackberry QNX has launched their data platform. Rivian is one to watch for their mobility platform for supply chain. This is the transition of the tech platform from computers and mobile to the vehicle that I have been teaching and writing about since 2016. There are ethical issues that need to be address for this to scale without business risks.

  5. Evolutional Shifts by OEMs: OEMs are beginning to build sustainable electric vehicles. They are also making an evolutionary adoption of AV features as ADAS features in existing cars. To enable this, cars are manufactured with data connectivity though this is not yet exposed to consumers because of regulatory gaps. There is a huge opportunity to create micro-services for dealers, insurance, retailers and more waiting for your imagination to solve business problems.

According to CapGemini' Research Institute’s “Accelerating automotive's AI transformation” paper (does not include pandemic shifts from 2020), OEMs are ahead of dealers and suppliers in AI applications. (I have no affiliation to them)

We are on the move again in 2021 in the Autonomous Vehicles Space. But I still would bet on full mobility and driverlessworld to come in 2030 as I originally wrote in my book “2030 The DriverlessWorld"

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Same Cap Gemini listed these functional applications in Automative industry. What do you think has shifted in 2020 and what is picking up in 2021. Join us for any of the March sessions on WeeklyWed and Expert Speaker lounge on DriverlessWorldSchool (which is now expanded as BusinessSchoolofAI).

As always, I welcome your feedback. They keep me smart. Please share your experience in this space and what you topics you want me to write next.

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